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Customer Information Update Form

  1. Customer Information Update Form
  2. Customer Information
  3. Additional Customer Names
    Include additional authorized users on this account. These persons will have the ability to make changes to your account.
  4. Confidentiality*
    If a resident selects a request of confidentiality, the City shall keep the address and phone number confidential unless required or mandated by law.
  5. Request to receive bill via email*
    By agreeing to review your bill via email, you are also agreeing to receive any additional utility correspondence from The City of Shenandoah. You will no longer get a paper billed mailed to you.
  6. Recycling*
    Do you have or would you like to sign up for recycling service? Cost for this service is $ 7.11 per month.
  7. Recycling Bin Present*
    Do you currently have a recycling bin?
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