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Posted on: January 28, 2021

Shenandoah City Council Meeting January 27, 2021 Update

Kathie  Reyer with Council 012721

Supporting Documents for Agenda Items can be found HERE.

Missed the Council meeting? Check out our YouTube channel and watch at your convenience. 

Attendance: Present:  Mayor Ritch Wheeler, Mayor Pro Tem Charlie Bradt,  Mike McLeod,  Dean Gristy, Ted Fletcher  and   Ron Raymaker   

ITEM  7Arbor Day Proclamation  - This proclamation is one of many requirements necessary for the City to maintain its status as a Tree City. National Arbor Day is recognized on April 30 which is the same date the City is proposing to proclaim as Arbor Day; however, in order to coincide better with the local planting season, staff coordinates with the Shenandoah Civic Club to schedule the annual celebration, tree give away, and plant share on March 6.  Council voted 5-0 to approve the proclamation.

ITEMS  8: MDD Monthly Report -  No action required; report only.

ITEM 9:  IH-45 Intersection Traffic Study  - The study shows that the construction of a 510’ acceleration lane along southbound I-45 feeder from Research Forest will improve the level of service and reduce delays in both morning and evening peak periods. It will also allow the free-flowing movement of right-turning vehicles.    Discussion only.

ITEM 10:  2021 Budget First Quarter Amendment-Staff is seeking approval of the proposed budget amendments. A budget amendment is either an increase or a decrease to a particular line item within the budget to account for any unexpected expenditures or unexpected increase or decrease in costs on budgeted items. This is just to confirm that we are to perform the amendment to expense towards the surplus in the budget and record the following expenses in the budget. The General Fund amendment is for 36,877.13: Water and Sewer Fund amendment is for $35,550.  Council voted 5-0 to approve the amendments.

ITEM 11:The Woodlands Township Amended  Agreement for Fire Service-    As discussed in the budget workshop in August 2020, The Woodlands Township has opted to discontinue patrol services with the Shenandoah Police Department. There is one year remaining in the original agreement and the agreement will reflect an amended contract for fire services only, without the requirement for police patrol services.  Chief Dunlap agrees that continuing to meet the required 360 hours per month for patrol services under the previous contract pulls SPD resources away from the City.  Council voted 5-0 to approve the amended contract.

ITEM 12: Entergy Rate Increase Ordinance- Each year, municipalities authorize their participation in regulatory rate proceedings involving Entergy Texas, Inc. before the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. This Ordinance authorizes the City of Shenandoah to continue its participation in the Cities Steering Committee that addresses matters related to Entergy Texas, Inc. Such participation in these matters over the years has resulted in favorable consumer outcomes with regard to utility rates.  Council approved the ordinance by a vote of 5-0.

ITEMS 13-15:  Variance to the Maximum Allowed Square Footage of a Living Space -Final report and public hearing for a variance. The residence located at 3 Etonshire Court has requested a variance to the maximum allowed square footage of living space for the construction of a home. The floor plan provides for a living space square footage of 3,799 square feet which is greater than the allowed zoning requirement of 3,700 square feet and not to exceed 3,800 square feet. The Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed this item during the January 19 Regular Meeting and unanimously recommends approval of the variance to allow increased square footage of living space.  Council approved the variance by a vote of 5-0.

ITEMS 16-18: Special Use Permit for Mixed Beverage (On-Premise) with Late Hours - Final report and public hearing for a special use permit. Hyatt House Hotel has requested a Special Use Permit for a Mixed Beverage (On-Premise) with Late Hours Permit at 18645 Residence Drive to allow the sale of mixed beverages for on-premise consumption between midnight and 2 a.m. The Planning and Zoning Commission review this item during the January 19 Regular Meeting and unanimously recommends approval of the SUP for Mixed Beverages with Late Hours. Council approved the SUP by a vote of 4-0; McLeod voted nay.

ITEM 19: Municipal Development District (MDD) Appointment -   By ordinance, the presiding officer of the MDD Board shall appoint members to fill vacancies on the board. This appointment becomes official upon approval by City Council.  Position 3 has become vacant with the resignation of Mike Sorich. MDD has submitted the appointment of Joanna Gonzalez to the unexpired term for Council approval.  She will take the seat in February with approval.   Council approved the appointment by a vote of 5-0. 

ITEM 20: New Directorship Position -  Jackie Thompson currently holds the position of Community Development Manager and the City Administrator has proposed changing her title to Director of Community Development as an acknowledgment of her increased responsibilities and performance in this role. As of the current budget year, she is responsible for eight divisions and five personnel. Council approved the title change for Jackie Thompson by a vote of 5-0.

ITEM 21: City Administrator Incentive PayPublic Works Director Joseph Peart, Police Chief Troye Dunlap, and Finance Director Lisa Wasner recommended incentive pay for City Administrator Kathie Reyer for her leadership during the pandemic.  City Council must approve incentive pay and requested this item be put on the agenda for discussion and possible approval.   In recognition and appreciation for her leadership during a very stressful time. Council presented her with a clock and the framed recommendation letter for her office.   Council approved the incentive pay by a vote of 4-0-1; Raymaker abstained.

ITEM 22: Minutes of December 9, 2020 meeting -  Council approved the minutes by a vote of 5-0.

ITEM 23: Ratification of December Accounts Payable -  Council ratified the accounts payable by a vote of 5-0.

ITEM 24: Non-Action Items- The following budgeted items were authorized by the City Administrator per Council approval:

  •  Budgeted Purchase Orders  over $15,000:
    • Motor Control  Center Replacement - Engineering Services                     $60,000                          
    • Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion - Professional Services            $30,000
    • Research Forest Lift Station Rehabilitation - Professional Services        $14,450
    • Research Forest Lift Station Rehabilitation - Construction Services       $34,782.61

City Administrator Updates

  • The CISD Teaching Center will be constructed on the property where the Woodforest Stadium is located.
  • Our Fire Marshal has been visiting community businesses and is helping them with compliance issues.
  • Chief Dunlap reports that auto burglaries are up in the area and warns everyone to lock their vehicles.
  • Gloria's Restaurant plans to purchase the former Jacobson Hotel. They will be tearing down the present structure and building in the near future.

Executive Session: Scheduled but canceled

 According to the Texas Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of Government Code as follows:

  • Government Code  § 551.087: Deliberation regarding economic development negotiations;
    • Potential Land Purchase

Consideration and, if determined appropriate, take action resulting from the item(s) listed under Executive Session. 

The Mayor announced that the executive session was no longer necessary and it was not held.

 The meeting was adjourned at 7:41  pm.


Upcoming Events/Meetings

February 9Civic Club, 6 pm

February 10: City Council, 7 pm

February 16: Planning and Zoning Commission, 7 pm

February 24Municipal Development District, 6 pm

February 24: City Council, 7 pm

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