Storm Water Management

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the city storm sewer collection system, eliminating illicit discharges, and following state and federal regulations. The city regularly cleans drain inlets, clears blockages, and provides other maintenance to the storm sewer collection system. However, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep litter, clippings, and other waste materials out of the storm drains. Learn ways you can protect our storm water by reviewing Storm Water Protection Tips (PDF).

Illicit Discharge

Some examples of illicit discharges are:

  • Disposal of high or low alkalinity items into a storm drain
  • Disposal of yard waste into a storm drain
  • Dumping pet waste into a storm drain
  • Gray water discharges into a storm drain
  • Pouring paint, oils, and other hazardous fluids into a storm drain
  • Putting trash into a storm drain

The city is responsible for ensuring that only clean storm water leaves our city. This is accomplished through adherence to the Storm Water Management Program (PDF).

Report Illicit Dumping

Please report illegal dumping to the Police Department at 281-367-8952.