Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer Stefanie Sadler handles all code enforcement matters for the City of Shenandoah.  Email Code Enforcement or call 832-585-8153 with questions or concerns about code enforcement.

Top Code Enforcement Violations

Learn more about what is considered a code enforcement violation (PDF). View the top code enforcement violations:

  1.   Abandoned or junked motor vehicles (PDF)
  2.   Animal control violations (PDF)
  3.   Construction or repair without a permit (PDF)
  4.   Dumpsters not enclosed (PDF)
  5.   Fencing violations (PDF)
  6.   Prohibited signs (PDF)
  7.   Solicitation without a permit (PDF)
  8.    Tall grass and weeds (PDF)
  9. Unsightly or unsanitary personal property (PDF)

Report a Code Violation in your Area

Visit the Online Action Center to report code violations.

eGov is an online resource utilized by citizens of Shenandoah to make requests or complaints to the Compliance Officer. Citizens may also check on case status and sign up for various reports on the Code Enforcement Requests site.

  1. Stefanie Sadler

    Code Enforcement Officer
    Phone: 832-585-8153