City Tax Information Per $100 Valuation

Shenandoah Ad Valorem Tax 0.1799
Montgomery County Tax  0.4667*
Conroe ISD School Tax                    1.2800*
Hospital District   0.0664*
Lone Star College 0.1078*
Total Tax on Homeowner Property    

*Waiting on updated rates for 2018 year. Shenandoah Ad Valorem Tax rate for the 2018 year will be 0.1799 per $100 valuation.

The Homestead Exemption from Ad Valorem Taxes is 20% of the appraised value of residential homesteads.  For individuals who are disabled or 65 years of age or older, located within the limits of the City of Shenandoah, the exemption is $75,000 from the appraised value of residential homesteads. (Effective in 2006 and each year thereafter.) 

For more information and questions on Property Taxes please visit the Montgomery Central Appraisal District.

Total Sales Tax Rate 8.25%
State Claim 6.25%
 City Of Shenandoah Claim 1.5%
Shenandoah Municipal Development District Claim 0.5%

City Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT)     7%

Links to City and County Tax Information

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City & County Tax Information 

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

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City of Shenandoah Tax Ordinance (2018)
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