Shenandoah, TX

City Records Request

If you are requesting records from the City of Shenandoah, please complete the Records Request Form and send it to the City Secretary's office at, fax it to 281.367.2225 or mail it to City Hall at 29955 I-45 North, Shenandoah, Texas 77381.

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Responses to open records requests are typically made within ten (10) business days from the day that they are first received. If a request is very large or if it requires consultation from the Attorney General's office with regard to disclosing certain information, the response time will take longer. In these cases, the person making the request will be notified that more time is required and for what reason. A fee of $0.10 per page is charged for hard copies exceeding ten (10) pages.

Please contact the City Secretary's office with any questions at 281.298.5522.

For your convenience, financial data can be found at the links below:

City Operating Budget

Financial Reports

Financial Transparency