City Finances (Financial Transparency)


The City of Shenandoah is committed to providing clear and meaningful financial information not only by posting financial documents, but also through summaries, visualizations, downloadable data and explanations of city processes. The city is participating in the State of Texas Transparency Star program, recognizing governments for going above and beyond in transparency efforts. We participate to ensure full transparency is available to the public.

Finance Summary

For the most recently completed fiscal year 10/01/2014- 09/30/2015

  Annual Total Per Capita*
Expenditures $11,652,335.00 $4,560.60
Revenues $15,661,678.00 $6,129.82
Property Tax Revenue $1,657,172.00 $648.60
Sales Tax Revenue $8,608,664.00 $3,369.34

The city had 49 fill-time equivalent positions in the most recently completed fiscal year.

*2013 population of 2,555. Source: United States Census Bureau     


Sales tax is the highest contribution to the city’s revenue. This is heavily influenced due to our very commercial dense location and smaller population. 


Property tax is the second highest contribution to the city’s revenue. The city’s property tax rate was $0.2399 per $100 valuation for 2015. The tax rate has continued to decrease every year since 2010.