Finance Department

Under the direction of Jennifer Calvert, the Finance Department manages all financial aspects of the City. These include accounting and auditing, budget preparation, investments, purchasing, risk management and tax related issues.

Jennifer Calvert, MPA

Finance Director

The Municipal Court also falls under the direction of the Finance Director. The court's responsibilities include processing all citations that are issued for violations of state law and city ordinances, holding bench and jury trials, issuing warrants, collecting fine and reporting to the State of Texas and to the Shenandoah City Council.

Shenandoah receives the Texas Comptrollers Leadership Circle Award

In January, the Finance Department was awarded the Texas Comptrollers Leadership Circle Award, Platinum level for financial transparency. This is the second year that Shenandoah has achieved the highest level recognition. The award is valid for 12 months. The award recognizes cities that strive to meet a high standard of financial transparency online. A link to the financial transparency page is available on the city’s website homepage or you can access it here. The page includes multiple years of budget documents, audit reports and check registers as well as financial statements and additional information on taxes.