The City of Shenandoah debt obligations summary is shown below. The total outstanding debt included debt paid for by property taxes and debt that is paid for by the water and sewer enterprise fund. The last maturity date is scheduled for August 2033.

  FYE 2018 Per Capita*
Total Outstanding Debt Obligations $18,995,000.00 -
Tax-Supported Debt Obligations $16,060,500.00 $6,285.91
Revenue-Supported Debt Obligations $2,934,500.00 -
Lease-Purchase or Lease Revenue Debt Obligations $0.00 -

*2013 population of 2,555. Source: United States Census Bureau     

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HB 1378: Debt Obligation Reporting under Local Government Code Section 140.008

The 84th Legislature passed HB 1378 to increase the transparency of local government debt. Under Local Government Code § 140.008political subdivisions, including counties, cities, school districts, junior college districts, special purpose districts, and other subdivisions of state government must annually compile their debt obligation data from the preceding fiscal year.

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