City Staff

Contact Information


Kathie Reyer City Administrator 832-585-8162
Courtney Clary City Secretary 832-585-8158

Ashley Brown

Exe. Assistant/ Records Mgmt. 832-585-8160
Debbie Pilcher Communications Manager 832-585-8109
Chris Grizzaffi IT Manager 832-585-8164


Lisa Wasner Finance Director    832-585-8174
TBD Accountant    832-585-8174
Tammy Daley Accounts Payable/Utility Billing    832-585-8173

Customer Service/Building Department

Jackie Thompson Community Development Manager 832-585-8159
Danny Svoboda Building Official 832-585-8147
Stacie Newsom Customer Service Rep 832-585-8101
Abby Adams Customer Service Rep 832-585-8182

Public Works- Capital Projects/Infrastructure

Joseph Peart Public Works Director 832-585-8143
Kenny Eickelberg Director - Capital Projects/Infrastructure 832-585-8142
Steve Early Facilities Supervisor (PW) 832-585-8149
Leslie Stevens Administrative Asst 832-585-8141

Police Department

Raymond Shaw Chief of Police 832-585-8112
Barry Gresham Asst Chief of Police 832-585-8126
Troye Dunlap Lieutenant 832-585-8103
Meghen Owen Administrative Asst 832-585-8102
John Ferrand Community Resource Officer

Robert Picone Property/Evidence Officer 832-585-8107
Joel Gordon Sergeant Detective 832-585-8120
Garrett Burleson Sergeant 832-585-8114
Jake Reuvers Sergeant 832-585-8130
Mark Brockhoeft Sergeant 832-585-8128
Courtney Pullen
Sergeant 832-585-8118
Cedric McDuffie Officer 832-585-8120
Christian Lehman Officer 832-585-8110
C.J. Duenas Officer 832-585-8113
Eric Bauer Officer 832-585-8133
Jeremy Thompson Investigator 832-585-8108
Kevin Frantz Officer 832-585-8134
Larry Collins Officer 832-585-8119
Mike Bledsoe Community Resource Officer 832-585-8116
Patrick Reade Officer 832-585-8912
Jennifer Angeles Officer 832.585-8139
Jermaine Langston Officer 832-585-8148
Solon Upshaw Officer 832-585-8127
David Swetnam Officer  

Convention/Visitors Bureau

John Mayner CVB Director 832-585-8090
Steffani Konzem Tourism Specialist 832-585-8093
TBA Administrative Asst 832-585-8092